Artist: Alberto Morreo (Venezuela)

Alberto Morreo (1986), born in La Paz, Bolivia. Studied Sociology in Venezuela, Philosophy and Social theory in Melbourne, Australia. Writer, interested in Latin American conceptualist writing and artist-publications, currently exploring different media theories and discourses on nature, political ecology, aesthetics, and experimental documentation practices.

Collaborator: Paz Guevara

Paz Guevara is a curator, researcher and author. She’s working now on the Kanon-Fragen project at Haus der Kulturen der Welt – HKW in Berlin, Germany. In this context she has been co-curator of the exhibition and conference Parapolitics: Cultural Freedom and the Cold War (2017-2018); researcher of the exhibition Past Disquiet: Narratives and Ghosts from the International Art Exhibition for Palestine, 1978, with an investigation about the Latin American artists and museums of the solidarity movement; and has organized seminars with Anselm Franke in the conference A History of Limits: On the Architecture of Canon Narratives (2016). Guevara has been co-curator of the Latin American Pavilion at 55. and 54. Venice Biennial (2013 and 2011); the Biennial of Curitiba, Brazil (2011); In Other Words: The Black Market of Translations—Negotiating Contemporary Cultures, NGBK Berlin, (2012), publisher of the book of the same name with guest authors: Sarat Maharaj and Beatriz Sarlo; and curator of Comunidad Ficticia, Matucana 100, Santiago (2009), among others. Several workshops and seminars on curatorship and debates in the history of art have been held and conducted, among others at the Berlin Biennial, the Heidelberg University, the IED European Institute of Design in Venice and the ZK / U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin.

Artists in conversation with cultural agents


Jeferson Andrade (BR)
and Elena Agudio


Alexandra Bisbicus (CO)
and Valeria Fahrenkrog


Andressa Cantergiani (BR)
and Ana María Millán


Pêdra Costa (BR)
and Wilma Lukatsch


Manuela Eichner (BR)
and Júlia Gutiérrez Peris


Manuela García Aldana (CO)
and Vanina Saracino


Lia Krucken (BR)
and María Linares


Moana Mayal (BR) and
Cristina Moreno García


Júlia Mensch (AR) and
Teobaldo Lagos Preller


Alberto Morreo (VE)
and Paz Guevara


Rafucko (BR) and
Júlia Frate Bolliger


Melanie Rivera Flores (PR)
and Caique Tizzi

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