Artist: Alexandra Bisbicus (Brasil)

Alexandra Bisbicus is a textile artist and social pedagogue. She was born in Colombia and has been living in Berlin for 7 years. She studies social pedagogy at the UNED (Madrid) and textile art with the uruguayan artist Beatriz Oggero in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In December 2017 she completed her training as an art therapist at the Institute for Relaxation Techniques and Communication (IEK, Berlin). With her textile art Alexandra combines different techniques and very different materials. Her themes revolve around identity and the connection to the element “earth”. Political topics are also dealt with in her work.

She was selected to be present at the VII International Biennale of Contemporary Textile Art (5th to 30th of October). October in Montevideo, Uruguay. As an artist and political activist, she deals with the topic of “memory”. She is part of the project KulTourMobil and offers workshops on textile art in the field of migration and interculturality. With the association “Calaca e.V.” she received the first prize in 2014 in the Carnival of Cultures and in 2017 the prize for the best concept. She is also involved in the Tantanakuy theater group and is a member of the organizing team of the Fever Festival.

Collaborator: Valeria Fahrenkrog

Valeria Fahrenkrog (1980) is a visual artist and editor. She lives and works in Berlin. She has a degree in Art from the Catholic University of Chile, a postgraduate degree in audiovisual media from the School of Media of Cologne, Germany. In 2014, she graduated from the Master in Art in Context at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Since 2004, she has realized different exhibitions and projects. Her work focuses on the realization of projects (be it works of art, publications or research projects) linked to their context (urban) and art in public spaces and their possibilities of dialogue and translation to different forms of representation.

In 2016 she was a collaborator of the project “Ene Mene Muh und welche Stadt willst du? – Contributions to the Berlin state elections 2016”, which consisted of a spatial diagram, publications, documentaries, an exhibition and a series of talks. In 2018 she won the international call SACO7 in Antofagasta, Chile with the work “Fragmentos de Memoria”.

She is also co-founder and editor of the Berliner Hefte zu Geschichte und Gegenwart der Stadt (Berlin newspapers – about the history and present of the city), together with Joerg Franzbecker, Erik Göngrich, Heimo Lattner, Katja Reichard, Ines Schaber and Florian Wüst.

Artists in conversation with cultural agents


Jeferson Andrade (BR)
and Elena Agudio


Alexandra Bisbicus (CO)
and Valeria Fahrenkrog


Andressa Cantergiani (BR)
and Ana María Millán


Pêdra Costa (BR)
and Wilma Lukatsch


Manuela Eichner (BR)
and Júlia Gutiérrez Peris


Manuela García Aldana (CO)
and Vanina Saracino


Lia Krucken (BR)
and María Linares


Moana Mayal (BR) and
Cristina Moreno García


Júlia Mensch (AR) and
Teobaldo Lagos Preller


Alberto Morreo (VE)
and Paz Guevara


Rafucko (BR) and
Júlia Frate Bolliger


Melanie Rivera Flores (PR)
and Caique Tizzi

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