Curator: Paz Ponce

Founder & Artistic director of ¡N[S]URGÊNÇ!AS
Curator of ¡N[S]URGÊNÇ!AS 2018: Convocatoria para artistas Latino Americanos en Berlín
Curator of ¡N[S]URGÊNÇ!AS 2019 “Ecologies of Protest”

Paz Ponce Pérez-Bustamante (Cádiz, 1985, ES) is a Berlin-based independent curator, researcher & arts educator. With a background in art history (Universidad Complutense, Madrid / Freie Universität, Berlin), she researches on the collective context in which art is produced and mediated, with a special focus on self-organization and the culture of cooperativism, departing from the Arendtian notion of “the common interest” (Welt-Bezug). Her practice is oriented towards the development of co-creation formats in a collaborative and networked environment in Berlin and abroad, via archival research projects, art in residency programs and learning platforms open to the participation of artists and communities. She understands her curatorial role as an active mediation of thought-processes derived from the experience of encountering art. She is an associative member of: Calipsofacto Curators (Madrid, s. 2010), berlinerpool arts network (Berlin, s. 2013), Agora Collective (Berlin s. 2016), Club Real artist collective (Berlin, s. 2017), The Dreamer’s Platform (Israel, Berlin, s. 2017), Kap Hoorn (Berlin, s. 2018), and lecturer at Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin.

Recent projects:Micro-Utopias: Cartographies of Relational Art in Berlin” – IV Edition of AFFECT Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin (Agora Collective, Summer-Autumn 2018) / Curatorial advisor for “At Once Vague and Unavoidable: Modernities 1945—1989/ Prizren” (Kosovo, November 2018) a collaboration between “Oral History Kosovo”& Lumbardhi Foundation, supported by the Franco-German Cultural Fund, the German & French Embassy in Kosovo and Municipality of Prizren / Jury of the EXTERNAL SELECTION COMMITTEE FOR FESTIVALS OF THE ARTS 2018-2019. Institute for the Promotion of Arts, Innovation and Creatives (IFAIC), Government of Ecuador. Quito, November 9-23 / Curator of “Ecologies of Protest: ¡n[s]urgênç!as 2019” (March-November 2019), in cooperation with ZK/U Berlin, supported by Weltoffenes Berlin 2019 / Editor of “If you were on an island… Laboratorio Artístico de San Agustín: 10 Years of Contextual Art in Cuba” (Presented at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam in the event “LASA 10 Carnaval” by Club Real (AT/DE), Jana Pacheco (ES) & LASA (CU) , as part of the program of 13 Havana Biennial, 10-11 May 2019); under these publication series she is author of “The Third Shore. Collective Biography of Laboratorio Artístico de San Agustín”. 

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