Initiated by AGORA Collective e.V.

Mobile Center for Collaborative Practices in Berlin


Direction & Coordination: Paz Ponce (Spain)
Associate curator: Daniela Labra (Chile/Brazil)
Associate archive fellow: Sebastián Eduardo (Guatemala)
Translator: Nele Bio (Germany)
Photo: Bea Rodrigues (Brazil)
Web Design: Otavio Santiago (Brazil)


The Agora Collective – Mobile Center for Collaborative Practices – was originally founded in 2011 by a multidisciplinary team as an independent project space in Mittelweg, 50 Berlin. Since then, Agora expands its mission to be a place to conceive and experiment with models of working together; providing stable spaces for artists to engage within collaborative and community-based practices.

The Agora team is devoted to create cross-disciplinary models of cultural and educational production expressed in a diverse, inclusive program of artistic projects and events that deals with relevant questions of nowadays. Agora means now, in Portuguese, language of its Brazilian founders and also coincidentally, in Greek,

Agora is the place for encounters and exchange, the market-place.

Agora’s is co-directed by Caique Tizzi (BR), Sheena McGrandles (IR) & Paz Ponce (ES).

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