Curated by Paz Ponce (Agora Collective e.V.)
Artist-focus: Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez (Honduras)

In 2019 ¡n[s]urgênc!as evolves in the form of an orientation program for a single artist: Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez (Honduras), facilitating his arrival in Berlin and residency for 9 months enjoying the Fellowship-Program “Weltoffenes Berlin”. Under a specific strand of research: “Ecologies of protest”, the objective of the mediation program curated by Paz Ponce is to depart from workshop practice and artistic research as a context of collective encounter and learning, connecting it with local professionals and other artists through the organization of panel discussions, participatory workshops, professional dinners, interviews and studio visits. Gabriell Vallecillo’s stipend span betweens March – November 2019. Resulting from a cooperation between Agora Collective e.V. & ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Márquez is currently a fellow at ZK/U Residency, coordinated by Lotta Schäfer and Ece Pazarbasi.

During the period at ZK/U, the artist will be developing the augmented reality artwork titled “The river told me so”, inspired by the cosmovision of the indigenous land and by the social activist Berta Cáceres, assasinated 3 years ago for defending our natural resources. The immersive digital artwork parts and re-interprets ancestral indigenous knowledge in order to construct its poetics and aesthetics. The artwork will be developed in a very flexible way, in order to adapt it to different scenarios: from video projection onto the waters and river rocks to 360º dome projection mapping. This piece will be co-produced by Agora Collective e.V. under the frame of ¡n[s]urgênc!as 2019 “Ecologies of Protest”, supported by Paz Ponce as conceptual advisor.


Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez (Honduras). His work includes several discilplinas: poetry, video poetry, video art, live audiovisual, videomapping and documentary film. Gabriel has published four books of poetry, has been included in several anthologies and his work of video art has been exhibited in art biennials in Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras, as well as exhibitions in Cuba, Italy, USA, Spain, Italy and Honduras. He has written and directed the documentary Liberating a Prison for the AlJazeera network. He has worked as cultural manager of several cultural festivals, editor of the magazine Gargantúa and written several essays in specialized academic journals.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am interested in investigating current political-social phenomena and linking them with ancestral elements that give an account of the historical struggle of the peoples to whom these actors belong. The murder of Berta Cáceres inspires this work, its sowing – as they popularly call it – and not her death, is the one that speaks here, she converted into a nature that reminds us: “Awake humanity. There is no time to lose.”. “The river told me” is the voice of the earth asking for healing, stop the ecocide in which we are blindly submerged. Through computerized resources and audiovisual experimentation I seek to merge and echo ancestral knowledge, covered with poetics of protest to make that call, we are beings born of water and land.

Public program:

Curated by Paz Ponce
A cooperation between Agora Collective e.V. & ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik
In the frame of the Fellowship Program ``Weltoffenes Berlin``
Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe

Meeting #1

“Memory, Refraction & Time” (Videoinstallation, Berlin 2019)
Presentation of an artwork by ¡n[s]urgênc!as 2019 Artist-in-Focus: Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez (Honduras)

23.05.19 / 19h-22.30h *Artist guided tour at 20h
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Siemenstr.27, 10551 Berlin)

In the frame of: Openhaus PLUS @ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik
With artists and researchers-in-residence: Pablo Alboreda, Samâ Bekirović, Kate Fahey, Noa Heyne, Pawel Jankiewicz, Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez, Elena Mazzi, Yasemin Özcan, Cha Ji Ryang, Karl Ingar Røys, Byungseo Yoo, Laura Yuile.

More information:

Curatorial Text (by Paz Ponce_ EN)

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