Curator, art critic and researcher Daniela Labra contributes to SELECT Magazine for Art and Contemporary Culture latest curatorial line: “Creativity & Resistance – Collaborative networks run by Brazilian artists and activists promoting alternative life models in Berlin”, Edition #43, Nr. Jun/Jul/Aug 2019, with the article: “COLETIVOS BERLIM-BR: SE PODA A GENTE BROTA” | Collectives Berlin-Brazil: If they can, people sprout.

Abstract: This curatorial essay non-hierarchically or conclusively points to Berlin-based networks of artistic creation and activism with Brazilian members or founders. People connected to collectives kindly shared their experiences and from them we located independent organizations, festivals of political and artistic content, DJ groups and resistance fronts in defense of human rights in Brazil. The performance of individuals from the country in activist, artistic and creative endeavors is not negligible, and here we try to draw a multiple scenario.

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