Artist: Andressa Cantergiani (Brasil)

She is a PhD student in visual poetry at PPGAV-UFRGS. Master in Performance by the Communications and Semiotics Program of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2008), with research grant CAPES, through the project, “The mediatization of pain: communicative strategies and political resistance.” Bachelor of Dramatic Arts from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2004). She is founder, artist and manager of Galeria Península. In her recent production, the following stand out: Quaseuma Ilha, curatorial and Videoperformance Inundação (Galeria Península, Porto Alegre / RS, 2014). Aterro, performance and individual exhibition (MINC-Brasil / Culture Interchange – Guillherme Cossoul Gallery, Lisbon, 2015). GAMES OF APPROXIMATION, artistic residence and collective exhibition (Galeria Península, Porto Alegre / RS, 2015). Collective Exhibition Memories and Identities (Museum of Human Rights, World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, 2016). Artistic residence Terra Una / MG (2016). Artistic residence in the Bishop Museum of the Rosario of Contemporary Art, RJ (2016). Individual exhibition TRANCE, Espaço Saracura, RJ (2017). PPPP-PUBLIC Program of Performance Peninsula, conception and curatorship (Porto Alegre / RS, 2016/2017). She has experience in the field of Arts, with emphasis on body arts, working mainly in the following subjects: artistic creation, hybrid languages, performance, video, photography, body / media and education.

Collaborator: Ana María Millán

Ana María Millán (Cali, Colombia). The work of Ana María Millán draws relationships between policies of animation, performativity, gender and subcultures. She has developed a series of role plays that end in videos or animations. She is a co-founder of the artist collective Helena Producciones with whom her works actively building platforms according to the socioeconomic conditions of the specific contexts. Two of the group’s most important projects are the Cali Performance Festival and the Mobile School of Knowledge. Amon her exhibitions are “Ana María Millán – Solo Show”, Witte de With, Rotterdam 2018; “The noise of things falling,” FRAC Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, Marseille 2017; “Borders of everyday life. Notes for another story of contemporary video in Colombia “, Jeu de Paume, Paris 2017; “Immortality for all”, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin 2016; “Cold in Colombia”, Nominated Luis Caballero Prize (solo), Bogotá 2015; “Mutis Mutare”, El Matadero, Madrid 2015; “Go to return”, 12 Bienal de Cuenca, Cuenca 2014; “No man’s land?”, Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz 2011; “AUTO-KINO!” Presented by Phil Collins, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin 2009; “Collateral Stories”, Cultural Center of Spain, Guatemala 2008; “I Still Believe in Miracles – part I”, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 2005.

Artistas en conversación con agentes culturales


Jeferson Andrade (BR)
y Elena Agudio


Alexandra Bisbicus (CO)
y Valeria Fahrenkrog


Andressa Cantergiani (BR)
y Ana María Millán


Pêdra Costa (BR)
y Wilma Lukatsch


Manuela Eichner (BR)
y Júlia Gutiérrez Peris


Manuela García Aldana (CO)
y Vanina Saracino


Lia Krucken (BR)
y María Linares


Moana Mayal (BR) and
y Cristina Moreno García


Júlia Mensch (AR) and
y Teobaldo Lagos Preller


Alberto Morreo (VE)
y Paz Guevara


Rafucko (Rafael Puetter, BR)
y Júlia Frate Bolliger


Melanie Rivera Flores (PR)
y Caique Tizzi

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