Artist: Moana Mayall (Brasil)

Artist and researcher from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Moana Mayall`s artworks combine multiple media and interdisciplinary approaches, experimenting with poetics between personal and collective memory, history and fiction, art and everyday life in the metropolis- more recently connecting Brazil and Europe through postcolonial thematics. In her last years in Rio, Moana’s art production was associated as well with activism, both as a member of the Vide Urbe platform or while joining coletipo Projetação (Projaction collective). Through Vide Urbe platform, she collaborated with ongoing initiatives in the context of self managed cultural collectives, like Ambulante Cultural/Reciclando Pensamentos, Comando Selva, and Barraco#55, which aimed at integrating peripheral and favela communities through local artistic/ cultural actions, specially those affected by conflicts that set apart their residents, even before the controversial installation of Pacifying Police Units (UPPs) in favela territories.

As artist curator, Moana organized four editions of Vide Urbe, the first exhibition dedicated entirely to video intervention in public venues in Brazil, which received cultural prizes by Oi Futuro and ART Rio International Fair. Graduated at Social Communication and studied art and philosophy in Rio, where she was guest Professor at ART-Rio/ UERJ and also started the Interdisciplinary Poetics Master Program at Fine Arts/UFRJ. In Berlin was artist researcher in residency at ZKU/Berlin, and participated in 3 editions of Transmediale Festival’s Vorspiel, both as artist and curator. Since the summer of 2017 she is a member of Kunsthaus KuLe and works there as a curator in the project space team.

Collaborator: Cristina Moreno García

y Cristina Moreno García (b. 1985, Zaragoza, Spain), studied Fine Arts in Cuenca (2009, Spain) and Freie Kunst at the Nürnberg Akademie (2012, Germany). In 2013 she took part in Goldrausch Stipendienprogram in Berlin, and in 2015 participated in the residence program Permanencias in Lamosa Lab, Cuenca (2015, Spain).

She co-founded and directed Vesselroom Project, exhibition space in Kottbusser Tor (2014-2016, Berlin). In 2017 Moreno García curated the exhibition “Zwischen den Paradiesen” at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin.

She participated in international exhibitions such as Spring Videoart Screening Salzburg (2012), Madatac in Madrid (2013), F/Stop Festival in Leipzig (2013), Invited Auf AEG in Nürnberg (2014), ALL IN Plug and Play/Eigen+Art Lab in Berlin (2017), Horses in Orbit, Edel Extra in Nürnberg (2018) and Bodies and inhabitants, Freud Museum in Vienna (2018).

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