Artist: Julia Mensch (Argentina)

She studied at the National Art University in Buenos Aires and at the Hito Steyerl’s class at the UdK, Berlin. She develops her practice based on long term research, reading fiction and theory, visiting archives and territories, doing interviews. Her work is an intersection of text, drawing, installation, public events, photography, video and lecture performance – from which she opens collective dialogues about political and social contexts and future scenarios. Her practice deals with the history of Socialism and Communism in Latin America and Europe, and with environmental socio political conflicts in Latin America with focus on the condition of the continent as exporter of Nature since the Spanish Conquest. At the moment she is working on a project about Extractivism, with focus on the model of transgenic agriculture applied in Argentina since 1996, its negative consequences on health and environment, and on the growing resistance and alternatives creating new horizons and ways to relate to nature.

Mensch was granted by the DAAD, Robert Bosch Foundation, National Art Found/AR, etc. She took part in several residency programs and international exhibition like Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, Buenos Aires (2018), Naturaleza Salvaje, Bienal Sur, CNB Contemporánea, Buenos Aires (2017), On off shore, Museum für Fotografie, Berlin (2016). And her solo shows include La vida en rojo, EAC, Montevideo (2018), CCR, Buenos Aires (2016), 1973, Galerie im Turm, Berlin (2014), Salashi, Pyecka Galery, Kosice/SK (2013).

Collaborator: Teobaldo Lagos Preller

y Teobaldo Lagos Preller (Puerto Montt, Chile, 1978) is a writer, curator and researcher in contemporary art. He is a candidate for a PhD in Theory and History of Contemporary Art and associated with the Research Group “Art, Globalization, Interculturality” by the University of Barcelona. He holds a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies from the Freie Universität Berlin and a Bachelor in Social Communication (Semiotics) from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City.

His practice of research and creation is the generation of spaces for the enunciation of identities, discourses and narratives in conflict based on artistic practice. The works are seen in his practice as crystallizations of creative processes of knowledge generation and veiled spatialities in globalization. The core of his writing practice is to activate collaborative processes based on interview, dialogue and participant observation.

Lagos Preller has conceptualized workshops, curated exhibitions in Mexico and Germany and is a stable collaborator for both academic and popular publications on the art scene such as Camera Austria (Austria), REGAC (Barcelona), La Tempestad (Mexico), On Curating (Switzerland) and ERRATA # (Colombia). His projects have been supported by public agencies in Chile, Mexico, Spain and Germany. He lives and work in Berlin.

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