Artist: Manuela García Aldana (Colombia)

In Manuela García Aldana´s work, listening is the beginning. She is a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia, who lives in Berlin since five years. What moves her most are stories from people. Existentialist questions remark details from the everyday life. Storytelling of different cultures, speeches and situations… The need to make them visible is one of the aspects of her work. These stories are usually told through videos, installations, objects and actions. The public space has an important role where some of them happen or are presented. Apart from this, since her life as a migrant in Berlin, Manuela has explored more intimate aspects of her personal processes by drawing. The theme and question for home has become a central point of her work. In 2016 Manuela Garcia Aldana graduated from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. Recently she was selected to participate in the program Insurgencias in Berlin. Her work has been presented in Germany , 2017 “Filmouflage” Kleiner Salon, Berlin; 2017 “Fieber Festival” Meinblau Projektraum (Pfefferberg). Berlín. 2017 “Tocar” Puderraum. Berlin. In France, 2015 “Bisagros”. La Petite Galerie. Rouen. In Spain, 2015 “Manifiestos en Arena” en Tuiza de Federico Guzman. Museo Reina Sofía. Madrid. 2011 “Sin título”. III Muestra Internacional de Arte Universitario. Bilbao.

Collaborator: Vanina Saracino

Vanina Saracino (*1984, Italy) is an independent curator and film programmer currently based in Berlin. She is the co-founder of OLHO, an international curatorial project about contemporary art and cinema initiated in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, also shown at the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi (Venice, 2017) and Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2018). From 2013 to 2017 she curated monthly selections of artists’ films on the experimental channel ikonoTV, being also in charge of collaborations and projects with museums and institutions worldwide. With ikonoTV, in 2015, she initiated Art Speaks Out, a yearly exhibition project on the environment and climate change, also shown at the Istanbul Modern Museum (2015) and within the UN Climate Change Conference (Marrakech, 2016). Other projects include ‘Fragmented Vision’ (The New Gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem, 2018); ‘Earthly Mutations: Films From the Near Future’ (Salzburger Kunstverein, Austria, 2018); ‘The Crisis of the Horizon’ (Small Projects, Tromsø, Norway, 2018); ‘Lost Dimension’ (AMIFF, Harstad, Norway, 2017); ‘The Impossibility of an Island’ (within TBA21’s ‘Open Ocean Space x COP23’, Bonn and Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland, 2017); ‘Adrian Paci: A State of Temporary Permanence’, for Lovely Days at Kino Mediteran, Bol, Croatia (2016); ‘Vertical World – approaching gravity’, (General Public, Berlin, 2012); ‘Un Lugar Habitable es un Evento’ (Centro Cultural Facultad de Artes, Medellín, Colombia, 2012).

Artistas en conversación con agentes culturales


Jeferson Andrade (BR)
y Elena Agudio


Alexandra Bisbicus (CO)
y Valeria Fahrenkrog


Andressa Cantergiani (BR)
y Ana María Millán


Pêdra Costa (BR)
y Wilma Lukatsch


Manuela Eichner (BR)
y Júlia Gutiérrez Peris


Manuela García Aldana (CO)
y Vanina Saracino


Lia Krucken (BR)
y María Linares


Moana Mayal (BR) and
y Cristina Moreno García


Júlia Mensch (AR) and
y Teobaldo Lagos Preller


Alberto Morreo (VE)
y Paz Guevara


Rafucko (Rafael Puetter, BR)
y Júlia Frate Bolliger


Melanie Rivera Flores (PR)
y Caique Tizzi

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